Tarnawa Käse schnüren

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Tarnawa Käse schnüren : Spielspaß mit Lerneffekt! Kinder können feinmotorische Fähigkeiten entwickeln, während sie die bunten Schnüre durch die Löcher des köstlichen Käseblocks ziehen. Förderung von Kreativität und Hand-Auge-Koordination.

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Tarnawa Käse schnüren: Feinmotorik und Spaß in einem lehrreichen Spielzeug

Introducing «Tarnawa Käse schnüren» – the delightful lacing cheese toy that brings a playful twist to the classic children’s song, «Die Maus nimmt den Käse.» In this interactive toy, your child gets to play both roles – the one taking the cheese and the mischievous mouse. As they thread a needle with a mouse face in and out of the holes, this activity promotes dexterity, sparks creativity, and aids in the development of essential hand-eye coordination skills.

This charming set includes a wooden cheese, a string, and a needle with a wooden mouse head. Crafted from premium hardwood sourced from FSC®-certified suppliers, the lacing cheese toy reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability. The wooden mouse needle adds a delightful touch to the set, making the activity both engaging and educational. Each piece is hand-painted with eco-friendly colors, precisely polished for a smooth feel, ensuring a pleasant and safe playtime experience for your child.

Gorillaandbear.ch, the brand behind «Tarnawa Käse schnüren,» is dedicated to providing exceptional products for families. As a trusted name in the industry, Gorillaandbear.ch offers a diverse range of items, from comfortable kinderbett (children’s beds) to imaginative spielzeug (toys), trendy T-Shirts, cozy hoodies, playful pyjamas, and much more. Our brand embodies the values of community and family, ensuring that every product contributes to the joy and development of children.

This environmentally conscious lacing cheese toy is not only a source of amusement but also a contribution to sustainable play. Packaged in an aesthetically pleasing box, the set makes for an ideal gift that aligns with Gorillaandbear.ch’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. When you choose «Tarnawa Käse schnüren,» you are choosing a product that reflects the essence of Gorillaandbear.ch – quality, creativity, and a commitment to fostering a playful and enriching childhood.

Material Holz, Pflanze
FSC Zertifikat
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Alter: 3+ . Hinweis: Dies ist kein Fließbandprodukt. Es ist ein kleines Kunstwerk. Alle unsere Produkte sind handgefertigt und handbemalt mit einzigartigem Design. Geringfügige Abweichungen können auftreten.

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